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Zhuhai is the only city in China that has been selected as one of the "top 40 national tourist resorts" with its overall urban landscape. China's coastal city, new garden city, and the title of "city of happiness" and "city of romance, city of 100 islands" have been issued by the country.

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Of course, if you have time, you can leave another day for Chimelong, where there are the world's largest whale shark exhibition hall, the longest flying roller coaster, and the wonderful fireworks show in the evening.
TangJiaWan ancient town
Located on shanfang road, TangJiaWan ancient town is a favorite place of zhuhai natives. The artistic atmosphere of retro art reveals the small feelings of zhuhai people.
Yuanming New Garden
Although the Yuanming New Garden in Zhuhai is a combination of the classical royal architecture, the Jiangnan classical garden complex and the western architectural complex, it can still feel the grandeur of its royal garden.
Lovers Road
Lovers Road is a business card of Zhuhai. It is 28 kilometers long. The popular attractions along the route include Jiuzhou Port, Haibin Swimming Pool, Zhuhai Fisher Girl and Xianglu Bay. Walking on the road overlooking the sea, blowing the sea breeze, looking at the other side of Macau, enjoying a leisurely time.
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